Waterfront properties and the benefits of solar window film

Waterfront properties and the benefits of solar window film
July 13, 2014 Admin

Solar window films continue to be the number one choice for waterfront home owners in Victoria British Columbia when water glare and sun damage need to be reduced without changing or altering the properties main asset.

For years, roller screens or blinds were the only answer to protecting these homes from the suns damaging effects, but they reduce or even eliminate the beautiful views of these homes when they are closed. If they are left opened, the home is left unprotected and property damage occurs.

With recent advancements within the window film industry, home owners can now keep their incredible views and add 24 hour protection to their glazing. No more needing blinds or roller shades which as we all know are also terrible dust collectors and go out of style.

With solar control window film, you just install it and forget it. Warranties up to 25 years are now being offered by our manufacturers and the payback is typically only 2-3 years.

Increased comfort, property value and protection from glass breaking are just some of the added values you can get from having a solar window film product added to your home.

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