Victoria high-rises also benefit from solar window film

Victoria high-rises also benefit from solar window film
October 24, 2014 Admin

Victoria British Columbia is a city that is surrounded by water and incredible views that provide endless enjoyment for its residences but at certain times of the year, excess heat and glare too.

Normally, people just close their blinds to combat this and by doing so, lose any view they may have but there’s another cost-effective solution that allows home and business owners the ability to mitigate the damaging and unwanted effects of the sun without closing themselves in and not enjoying their views; solar window film.

Here’s another great example of a high-rise condo located on the 17th floor of one of Victoria’s highest buildings that has this incredible south by south west view but the home owner was always forced to close the blinds in order to combat excessive heat and glare, but not anymore.

You can see in the picture that the patio door is open to show the amount of white light that creates glare. This demonstrates the incredible change to the homeowners view which has now been enhanced by reducing the glare by using one of our solar control window film products.

Solar window films are very effective at reducing the harmful and unwanted effects of the sun while enhancing views, adding earthquake protection and increasing the insulating value of the glass to which the solar window film is applied to.

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