Two New Films Hit the Market

Two New Films Hit the Market
August 25, 2013 Admin

Hanita Coatings and Solar Gard have both introduced new window film/glass tinting products.

Hanita Coating’s product, SolarZoneXTRM, exterior window films/window tint, is a metallized polymeric-based product designed for commercial applications requiring long-term service periods and is compatible with nearly all types of glazing, according to a statement from the company.

“We have redefined the boundaries of exterior applications,” said Oved Shapira, CEO of Hanita Coatings. “XTRM’s outstanding solar heat rejection and UV block deliver performance that makes it cost effective to upgrade even sophisticated glazing units. Our XTRM films have exceptional longevity and durability, offering long-term energy efficiency to glazing systems.”

SolarZoneXTRM Silver 20 is meant for vertical architectural glass applications, while the SkyLite and SkyLite PolyZone Silver 20 will work for flat- and sloped-roofing applications—both also work for glass and plastic. The company plans to introduce XTRM versions of its Spectrally Selective and Dual Reflective exterior films later in 2013.

Solar Gard also introduced its new Ecolux 70 low-E film, which is a dual-action film that combines a low-E coating with solar control properties.

“We’re thrilled to launch our new Ecolux 70 Low-E window film to savvy home- and building owners as it represents the very best in energy-saving innovation,” Kathryn Giblin, director of global marketing and technical services at Solar Gard said.

“Ecolux window film will help home and building owners lower their annual energy bills and is an easy sustainable upgrade for any home or building, as it transforms existing windows into energy conservation systems,” added Giblin.

“All these benefits combine to provide people with what we call an increased comfort zone in their home or building. We know that saving money and being kind to the environment are both important considerations for architects, building managers and homeowners alike and the new Ecolux allows everyone to have the best of both these worlds without sacrificing on comfort,” said Giblin.