Smoken Bones in Greater Victoria now controls the sun!

Smoken Bones in Greater Victoria now controls the sun!
September 5, 2012 Admin

Here we are applying a medium-grade solar control film to the upper units at Smoken Bones. Now that the film has cured, it’s much lighter and almost invisible.

Recently, Prodigy Window Films was approached by the owners of Smoken Bones in Victoria, B.C. to assist them with a solar glare and solar heat gain problem in their new downtown location in the prestigious Hudson at Douglas and Fisgard Streets.

The building is the old Hudson’s Bay post and deemed a heritage building in Greater Victoria so care had to be taken not to change the look of the glass while achieving the desired results of the owners of Smoken Bones and the developers.

We suggested that a non-reflective medium grade Solar Control Window Film be used and the results were exactly what all parties wanted. Smoken Bones now reduces 99% of the UV rays, 61% of the solar glare and almost 65% of the solar heat gain.

This type of Solar Control Film is widely used in our residential applications. If you have a problem with glare, heat, UV rays or daytime privacy, this film would be a perfect product to consider for your window filming requirement.