Skylites: Reduce the Heat, Keep the Light & Add Earthquake Protection

Skylites: Reduce the Heat, Keep the Light & Add Earthquake Protection
September 24, 2015 Admin

Prospect-Lake-skylite-2Nowadays, most homes and businesses have skylites. These are a great way to brighten up darker areas inside of buildings but they have a huge downfall; they let in too much heat and UV rays which cause interior temperatures to soar and damage floors, artwork and furniture. Not to mention the potential injury from falling glass during an earthquake. So how can you fix this if you have these problems or concerns? With one of our solar window films which are specifically designed for skylites.

These window films are an effective way of tinting the existing skylite glazing without having to replace them and these films can reduce up to 86% of the solar heat gain, 84% of the solar glare and 99% of the UV rays while letting in most of the natural light. Prospect-Lake-skylite-1

This solar control solution can be applied on the interior or exterior side of the glass. Some limitations must be considered so you should consult one of our staff to see which type of film is best suited to your requirement.


Greater-Victoria-Library-SkyliteFilms staff have extensive experience in these types of films and have been awarded large commercial contracts such as the Greater Victoria Public Library courtyard atrium located at 735 Broughton Street. This skylite system is completely open to the ground below, suspended 6 stories above an interior public courtyard.

We installed one of our products to the interior side of the glass while on a rolling scaffold system which was on an elevated scaffold floor that was erected 5 stories above the ground. This job was over $100,000.00 and completed in 19 days.

So no skylite job is too small nor too big for us to handle.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you regulate, upgrade or add earthquake safety to your skylite system with one of our premium window film products. We’d love to help you.