Residential Window Films

Windows are the enemy of comfort and efficiency. They can account for 70 percent of your cooling load. Sun Gard residential window film can make a difference. In the summer, Sun Gard window films reject up to 77 percent of the sun’s solar energy — reducing hot spots and solar heat streaming through the windows into your home. In the winter, Sun Gard window films continue to perform by helping reduce interior heat loss through glass.


No window film product can totally eliminate fading, however, Sun Gard window films can provide maximum protection from UV fading without blocking your view. When furniture, rugs and fabrics begin fading, the primary villain is ultraviolet solar energy. Even without direct sunlight, ultraviolet can fade valuable furnishings because unprotected clear glass allows harmful and damaging ultraviolet to enter your home. Sun Gard films reject about 98 percent of ultraviolet- acting like a sunscreen for your home.