Interior Designers

Protect Your Designs

Prodigy Window Films is proud to offer our new line of interior designer window films, RemVu.


RemVu Solar Control Window Films

RemVu window films are able to block out the infrared or heat spectrum of sunlight without the loss of visible light. These window films do not have the “mirrored” finish other window films have. Instead, RemVu films are almost completely clear which allow designers to have more flexibility in their designs. RemVu films have an ultraviolet light absorber, similar to that found in sunscreens, which blocks out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The unique engineering, construction and use of materials allow RemVu films to let the natural visible light shine through keeping your rooms bright.

Specialty Window Films

These window films are designed to mimic sand blasted or etched glass while adding privacy and multiple graphic designs.