Architects & Designers

Prodigy Window Films wants to be your primary source for all your window filming needs. We have created this section specifically for your design needs. If you require further information, please contact our office and will we make sure you receive the required information as quickly as possible. Thank you for using Prodigy Window Films.

Sun-Gard® Solar Window Films

The benefits of Sun-Gard solar control window films include the reduction in solar heat gain, glare, damaging ultra violet rays and winter heat loss. Sun-Gard Solar control window films can increase tenant comfort, save on energy costs (HVAC) and helps keep glass together if broken.


Glass-Gard will provide your clients with the glazing protection they need by providing an invisible safety curtain.

Seismic Window Films

Glass-Gard’s GGL400 series window films are the most commonly used window films for seismic mitigation in British Columbia. These films have recently been tested at the University of British Columbia, and set the world’s first standard for seismic safety glazing.

Specialty Window Films

Are designed to mimic sandblasted, or etched glass while adding privacy and multiple graphic designs.