Specialty Window Films

Specialty and graphic films are primarily used to partially or entirely obscure the view through windows. These films can also be used in computers and plotting machines for corporate and identity purposes.

solar-sglogoSun-Gard® Architectural Graphic Films are designed for a variety of special applications.

Matte Films

Matte films include opaque (or white frosted) and Bronze Matte Films. These films mimic sandblasted glass and are a great alternate to the usual costly and time consuming elegance of etched glass. These window films let in a great deal of light yet hinder visibility. Matte window films can be used to update new sales promotions, new logos or to just change the interior design without the high cost of replacing glass.


Block Out Films


Block out window films include Sun-Gard’s white out and black out films which offer total privacy, providing an economical alternative to building new walls to replace windows. Silver Matte provides total privacy and adds heat rejection to it’s list of benefits.

Colored Films

Graphic color window films come in a variety of thirteen different colors and are a great alternative to vinyl. These transparent films allow for immaculate signage all the while allowing visibility outward, during the day time.

These films can also be used with computer cutters for custom designs and logos. Reproducing the most difficult logos becomes a simple task. So if your needs are special, specify one of Sun-Gard’s Matte, Block out or Colored specialty window films.