Solar Window Films


Solar control window film reduces the undesirable effects of the sun that penetrate through clear, untreated glass — its heat, glare, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. One of our solar control window films are sold under the brand name Sun-Gard®.

The most basic solar control window film is made of a single ply of dyed polyester. These window films offer the least solar management benefits. They are an excellent choice, however, when privacy, aesthetic appeal, and economy are the main objectives.

The most widely used and most effective solar control films are constructed of two plys of polyester and contain a metallized layer. These films are assembled like a sandwich: the two ultra-thin plys of polyester are laminated to one another with a durable adhesive to form what appears to be a single sheet. One of the plys has a micro-thin layer of metal embedded inside, which is securely trapped between the plys after lamination. The metal layer is the primary component that reflects the sun’s heat and glare.



The majority of metallized window films also contain dyes in either one ply of polyester or in the laminating adhesive to help achieve the desired color or to enhance solar management properties. The sun will eventually attack the dyes causing them to gradually change color and become lighter. The speed of change in good quality films from reputable manufacturers is so slow it is usually not noticeable for a long period. However, window films without dyes [those with an all metal construction] are especially recommended for extremely hot climates, and for anytime when longevity of appearance and solar control properties are paramount.

Reduce Glare

From computer screens at the workplace to televisions in homes, glare is an unwanted guest. Sun-Gard™ solar control window films can reduce eye strain and make you more content whether in the office or at home by reducing up to 85% of the glare.

Reduce Fading

Sun-Gard solar control window films reduce fading. The sun fades everything including fabrics, draperies, upholstery, carpeting, art and furniture. Sun-Gard solar control window films screen out almost all of the damaging ultra violet rays and can help reduce up to 80% of the fading you do not want.


What Causes Fading?

Window Film eliminates 99% of Ultra Violet rays but UV light accounts for only 40% of fading. By reducing solar heat and visible light you can reduce your fading by up to 70%.


Reduce Energy Costs and Add Comfort

Sun-Gard solar control window films save you money and add to your comfort. Sun-Gard solar control window films can eliminate up to 78% of the solar heat gain. Reduced solar heat gain translates into reduced air conditioning and increased comfort due to extreme heat. Sun-Gard solar control window films can also prevent inside heat from escaping through your windows in the wintertime.

Make Your Glass Safer and More Uniform

Sun-Gard solar control window films help keep pieces of glass together if it is ever broken. This will help protect inside furnishings and lessen the possibility of human injury. Sun-Gard solar control window films will also make your home or office building more uniform in appearance, increasing the aesthetic value.

A Wide Assortment of Films

Sun-Gard solar control window films have the type of film you need. Sun-Gard has the widest selection of films in the industry. From very light to very dark, from low reflectivity to high reflectivity, from neutral to a rainbow of colors. You can choose the window film that is right for you.

Commercial Applications

Building owners and property managers have applied Sun-Gard solar control window films to millions of single and double pane windows in over 60 countries worldwide. Let us prepare a free energy saving audit for your building of over 3000 square feet and see for yourself the energy savings and return on investment of Sun-Gard solar control window films. Sun-Gard has one of the largest lines of window film products in the industry. Commercially favored Sun-Gard window films include: Silver 15 (which is also available in a Low E version), that stops an incredible 78% of solar heat gain, while reducing glare by approximately 80%; the new NSN 35, a film that stops 73% of solar heat gain while the human still eye perceives 65% of the outside light.

Residential and Storefront Applications

With your home or storefront, Sun-Gard has a window film that will make your windows more efficient and safer without changing your view or decreasing ample amounts of light. Sun-Gard can give you the option of having daytime privacy and slow down fading of your fabrics, furnishings and carpeting by stopping over 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Residential and storefront favored Sun-Gard window films include: NSN 70, a film that is almost transparent but rejects 44% of the sun’s heat; SB 50 a bronze film that matches brick or wood that stops 60% the sun’s heat.