Glass Tinting

Prodigy Window Films specializes in the application of different types of solar glass tint for your home or business.

Solar tint is also referred to as glass tinting, window tinting or just tint. Solar glass tinted films are very effective at increasing privacy and reducing the harmful effects of the sun. There are different types of tinting available on the market and they don’t perform the same. Therefore, we’ve given you some definitions to help you choose which one is best for your window tinting requirement.


Reflective Glass Tinting – are like mirrors. They can serve as privacy window film, protecting the privacy of office workers at sidewalk level while allowing them an unrestricted view outside. A one-way mirror in a classroom or lab allows observation without distracting the students. It is also often used for security purposes to monitor work areas or to conceal cameras.

Non-Reflective Glass Tinting – is the newest technology available to consumers. These types of glass tinting offer you the level of protection and comfort from the sun you’d expect from a typical solar window film but without the mirrored look. These are great for residential applications because they do not change the look of the glass once they have cured.

Duel-Reflective Glass Tinting – offers exceptional solar rejection performance with a more neutral finish. These window films maintain views with reduced interior and exterior reflectance while increasing privacy by day. These tinted films complement a buildings aesthetics and efficiency while maintaining minimal nighttime reflectivity for an uncompromised view.


Colored Tinting – these tinted films are typically used for architectural effects only. They can transform an ordinary piece of glass into whatever your creative mind can come up with.

Exterior Tinting – these tinted films are applied to the exterior of windows like skylights or in some cases, certain types of low E, or triple paned windows.