Glass tinting on waterfront homes

Glass tinting on waterfront homes
September 28, 2012 Admin

We recently did an installation on Horne Lake which is located on Vancouver Island, B.C. The property faces west and the home owners complained that they had to put on sunglasses when inside because the glare was too much.

They thought about buying blinds but really didn’t want to lose this incredible view so they called us to consult on glass tinting options. Eventually, the homeowners decided on a medium grade non-reflective solar control solution which reduces over 61% of the glare and almost 65% of the heat.

If you look at the picture, you’ll notice that the right side panels have been treated and now the white light has been dramatically reduced. This solar control solution also enhances the homeowners view of the sky, water and trees making their waterfront view even more beautiful.

Most people think that glass tinting is dark and mirrored but with recent advancements in our industry, consumers can now get the protection they want without darkening their homes.