About Us

“When it comes to enhancing windows, we’ve got the right solution.”


Prodigy Window Solutions is a Canadian company which is based in Victoria that sells and installs flat glass window films & glass tinting products, hard window coverings and digitally printed window graphics throughout the Province of British Columbia.

We offer a wide range of cost effective solutions to enhance, protect and add value to your existing or new windows.

Back in 1999, the owner of Prodigy Window Solutions discovered that there was no international window film specification for glazing that would enhance life safety by minimizing the potential for glass pieces projecting or falling in a hazardous manner during or because of a seismic event. So, in the winter of 2000, his then management team along with industry associates helped create a new window film specification at the UBC Earthquake Testing Laboratory which is now recognized worldwide as the standard for seismic upgrades to flat glass and windows.

It’s forward thinking like this that has helped Prodigy Window Solutions become one of the leaders in our industries and why you should trust us with your project requirements.

  • PWS carries the widest selection of premium window films and blind options for the commercial, industrial and residential markets and offers full digital printing services for your creative ideas to come to life.
  • PWS staff has over 20 years of product knowledge and industry experience.
  • PWS offers a lifetime warranty (up to 25 years) for most of our window film products and a 5 year no hassle warranty on most of our window covering solutions.
  • PWS provides fast turn-around on all orders and customer service requirements.
  • PWS professional approach to your needs, attention to detail and our competitive pricing will make you wish you’d call us sooner and keep you calling for all future projects you are a part of.

There are many window film and blind choices available for you to choose from and many installing companies that can do the work so why choose Prodigy Window Solutions?

It’s all about trust.

The staff at Prodigy Window Solutions have been doing this a long time and we know our stuff! We’ve been trusted by Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and Interior Designers, as well as residential and commercial building owners to assist them with all types of glazing enhancement. Our installation portfolio is vast and includes small one-off jobs to large multi-building developments proving that no job is too small or too big.

So, for your next project that requires window film, blinds, shades or graphics trust Prodigy Window Solutions, we want your business!